Thursday, February 18, 2010


Biscuits and Gravy....I never thought I liked them...until one day when Kevin tried to impress me and make them for me for breakfast. So I pretended to like them, until I realized I love them! I mean some carbs with gravy? Whats not to love? Kevin made them tonight for dinner while I was volunteering at a reading night at a local elementary school. It made me realize how blessed I am to come home to warm meals and a nice home. One of the kids mentioned he was so happy they were serving pizza because his family had no food at home and they didn't have any money to buy any. It truly broke my heart. I wish I could help out more than I do for the kids who truly need our help in Lawrence and the surrounding communities. I hope everyone remembers how blessed they are to have home cooked meals, because not everyone has that.

Kevin's B&G

1 pound medium (or whatever sausage you want) sausage
Milk-I like the 2% for this
salt and pepper
Biscuits (we used a can, but you could make them!!)

Brown sausage in skillet, coat all the sausage with flour-until covered. Then add milk and stir constantly until thickens and comes to a boil-make sure it doesn't burn to the bottom of the pan or boil over! Once its thick-serve it up. I think Kevin adds other seasoning and isn't telling me so he can keep it a secret. Anyway, its delish.


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