Sunday, February 28, 2010

Arthur Bryant's

This was a weekend of eating out! My mom had to head back to Vernon Hills tonight, so we headed up to KC to hit up Kansas Sampler and Cabela's before we dropped her off at the airport. We tried to eat at Oklahoma Joe's-but who knew it was closed Sunday? We just had watched a BBQ competition on TV, so we needed some BBQ! We went to Arthur Bryant's at The Legends. I had a not so great experience the first time I went...but it was delicious. We had SO much food. My mom and I shared the pulled pork with fries, thank goodness we shared, we didn't even eat it all! Brett, Katie, and Kevin all went for the turkey-which they liked a lot too. I love pulled pork, and this hit the spot. The only thing I would mention is that their sauce just isn't my favorite sauce in the world..there are others I like better. But, I am glad we went, and I miss my momma already! I love having my family visit and I am always so sad when they leave. Good thing my dad will be here soon! Love you mom and thanks for everything!!! (I would be happy if they just all moved to the Lawrence/KC area, really...)

I forgot my camera, but I did remember to snap a shot on my phone! Pulled Pork and Fries:)

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