Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hands down, my favorite breakfast place in Lawrence is Milton's....the thing I hate? The wait. Always a wait, even on a weekday...but totally worth it. It is a very local place, kinda for hippies-no offense, and I try to take my family and visitors there when they come. My mom was the only person I hadn't yet taken, so we took her this morning. We went at 10:30 and were seated around 11:10 or so. But so totally worth it. The bad news? I forgot my camera, and I forgot to take a picture with my phone. Kevin and my mom had the Milton's Scramble or something of the sort. I love their granola, french toast, and their omelets...but today I tried a new omelet, the Prosciutto and Cheese. It had prosciutto, spinach, and feta cheese (I asked for no onions) was AMAZING. It came with breakfast potatoes-also amazing, and wheat toast. The cheese was just delicious. I was in heaven, and I am one of those people who never tries new things, I always order the same thing, but I am glad I tried this, it was to die for. Yummmmmmmmm. Wish I had a picture. I will be visiting again soon and ordering the same thing!

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