Monday, March 22, 2010

Jack Stack BBQ

Hands down, my favorite Kansas City BBQ place is Jack Stack...yummy. Their Cheesy Corn is to die for-I actually have a copycat recipe of it I will have to post. We went with my dad before we had to see him off at the airport:( Sherron Collins was on his flight back to Chicago-after the worst loss ever-BOO. Miss you already Dad! Thanks for everything, love you! I took a picture of each persons food to commemorate the experience...your mouth will be watering!

Brett got the special...sausage, chicken, and ribs. Of course, cheesy corn.

My dad had a brisket and pork sammy!

Kevin had a ham and turkey sandwich!

I had a spicy pulled pork sandwich-look at that vat of corn!

Katie had ham and turkey too, but notice the cheesy potato bake...YUM! Worth getting, I promise.

Okay...go get some BBQ!


  1. Hi Megan. Thanks for sharing your mouth watering photographs! Thanks for the amazing review of our BBQ. We are glad we could provide this experience for you and your family. We hope to see you all again soon. If you are ever in need of a great meal at home, please use the code QBlog and get 15% off an order from Thanks again.

    -JackStack Barbecue

  2. Thank you! I love love love your food. It is truly the best there is:)

    We will be back soon!