Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meghan's Delicious Potatoes

I love potatoes of all sorts, so I usually just mix stuff together and it turns out pretty good. That is what I did tonight with the pork chops....yummy...

Potatoes-I use whatever I have-quartered or so-sometimes peeled, if I feel like it, depending on which kind of potato I use-tonight I used Yukon Gold-my fav, so I didn't peel.
Butter and EVOO-the more the better is what I say
Salt, Pepper, Season Salt, and whatever other ingredients I feel like adding, onion, Italian seasoning, etc...
Maybe some Parmesan cheese too, if you feel like it!
Sour Cream
Lots of Garlic, minced
Lemon Juice

Preheat oven to 350 or 400 or whatever you need it on....mix together potatoes and EVOO and butter, garlic, and spices, parm, etc... and bake until tender. Pull them out of the oven and mix in sour cream and squirt with fresh lemon juice. Return to the oven until warm! Yum. I love garlic.

Mmmmm green beans, pork chops, and some yummy potatoes!

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