Sunday, March 7, 2010

Scarlet Orchid

Scarlet Orchid is one of my favorite, if not very favorite place to eat in Lawrence. No one I know goes there, and its truly a place Kevin and I enjoy. You have to be willing to try new things, but the flavors are just soooooooooo good. They have such fresh, unique menu items, and going there is always a treat. We went last night after KU whooped Missouri's butt:) My pictures are so dark , because its really dim there, and I forgot my camera, so I only had my phone. Everything I have ever had there has been delicious. I guess you gotta like Asian food, and not be too picky. Plus, its never crowded which means no waiting-love that! I highly suggest trying it! Their Spring Rolls are so good, even though last night we didn't have them-we tried the potstickers. For dinner they give you this delicious bread, and if you have lunch you get soup. I also love the Almond Chicken, and the Pad Thai. I will try to get good pictures next time we go!

The Bread-it must be fried somehow before the serve it, its so good and a bit sweet!

I had already shoveled one potsticker in my mouth before I snapped this shot-YUMMY. The spring rolls are really good too though....All the sauces are delicious!

I had the Spicy Green Beans-to die for. I have them with chicken. Mmmmmm. Kevin had Chicken Teriaki, but he always is trying new things:)

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